David Fowler

Step 1. Consider why and how people read newspapers

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To create an ad that catches your attention, you need to understand how and why people read newspapers. The main thing you need to know: readers look only at those headlines and illustrations that arouse their interest and curiosity. In this chapter, you will learn how to use this knowledge to create eye-catching advertisements that stand out in the chaos of newspaper advertising.

1. Readers look at the headlines on each page for about three seconds. This heading is too long and clogs a good sentence with too many inconsequential words.

2. Do not place a long capitalized title on a dark background. Each of these elements makes it difficult to read and understand the sentence.

3. The composition in this advertisement is unemotional and not at all inspiring. Visually, the information presented is boring. Inexpressive advertising makes the reader think that your store is also uninteresting.

4. An advertisement like “We will deliver it home on the same day” is important information for most furniture buyers. Do not hide the essential information in the advertising message, use it in the header or subtitle.

Why do people read the newspaper

People read the newspaper to keep abreast of current news, local events and incidents. Newspapers are valuable because they offer more information than news on radio and TV, and allow the reader to receive them at their own discretion. Readers also use the newspaper to find out about new retail sales and service offerings through advertisements. But there is so much news and advertising in the daily newspaper, and most people do not have time to read them! Therefore, readers browse through headlines and graphs and, based on quick browsing, choose what to read and what to skip. The most visually appealing is simplified information.

Now you know: in order to attract the attention of your readers, you have only a few seconds. You should create your advertisements in such a way that readers interrupt the viewing of headlines and read exactly your advertisement.

Benefits of newspaper advertising for your business:

  • Newspaper advertisements can be re-read anytime and anytime.
  • A newspaper advertisement can be cut out as a reminder for buying or doing something later.
  • The name of your store (company), addresses and phone numbers in the advertisement is a convenient reference for readers.
  • Your newspaper ad can graphically show readers how your products and services will solve their problems. Thus causing a feeling of the need for immediate purchase.
  • The combination of words and illustrations in your newspaper advertisements gives them special expressiveness and can facilitate the sale of your products.
  • Creating and publishing excellent newspaper advertisements - even in color - is relatively inexpensive and technically simple. To do this, you need a computer and a graphics program.
  • Advertising Strengthens Your Overall Marketing Plan.

Information overload has created a new type of newspaper reader

The average person in America is faced with a million marketing and advertising messages annually. Or from about 2700 daily. In order to cope with such a load, a person discards all personally irrelevant information and remembers only part of the incoming messages. If you are going to create advertisements that would attract the attention of readers, you need to understand the conditions under which people read the newspapers in which you intend to place their ads, and develop from this a strategy for creating them. Learn reader habits and use the following information:

  • Readers quickly browse through the pages before deciding to see a specific article or advertisement.
  • Readers quickly browse and read headings and drawings, discarding what is personally irrelevant to them.
  • People often read the newspaper on the go or doing other things in parallel.

See what happens with this ad when you use the appropriate ad strategy:

1. This heading is easy and quick to read, you read and understood it before you thought to do it. For a newspaper page, this is a great headline - sharp, catchy, to the point.

2. The repetition of images of sofas and prices makes this advertisement interesting. This composition works well, because the eye easily moves from the caption to the logo. Message sent and easy to read.

3. Merchandising in this advertisement says that the store has a complete set of all kinds of sofas. You get the idea that there is a lot to see. The main text of the advertisement under each photograph of the sofa helps to necessitate its acquisition. The merchandising in this ad says: “Come and buy today!”

Advertisements that work in the newspaper:

  1. Designed for specific newspaper readers.
  2. They report a proposal that is easy to understand at a glance.
  3. Make a compelling suggestion through illustrations and headlines.
  4. Offers messages that grab the reader’s attention.
  5. They look original and interesting.
  6. They are located separately from the offers of competitors.
  7. They resemble the look, style and philosophical point of view of the newspaper.
  8. Emotional, effective and insistent, not static and lifeless.
  9. Designed in such a way that they say: “Look at me first!”, Regardless of the location on the page.


  1. Ask the newspaper to describe your audience. Make sure your potential buyers and readers are the same people.
  2. Learn the look, style, and philosophy of the newspaper’s editorial staff. Do not forget that the newspaper and its readers will share the point of view that you need to present only if your advertisement does not deny their philosophical point of view.
  3. Cut out the advertisements of your competitors. Browse their offers and compositions. Make your ads different from competitors.