David Fowler

Step 2.1 Find the pain point

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Your potential customers have a “pain point” - a problem that they do not know how to solve, or do not believe that a solution is possible using the means they know. You must come up with a way to solve this problem. Instead of trying to become the best among many, go your own way. Unleash your imagination to determine the original solution. Test your thoughts on clients, friends, relatives, etc. If you have the courage and intend to conduct your business with your own original road, then you must create a new solution. For example, here's how a Lake Oswego dentist from Oregon did. Many people avoid visiting a dentist because they are afraid of pain - this is literally a pain point. The dentist's strategy was that in his advertisements he focused readers on techniques that make dental treatment relatively painless.

1. The title is excellent because it addresses my problem and promises to resolve it quickly.

2. Advertising text “Why call expensive plumbing?” Call toilets specialists ”states that the“ Toilet Doctor ”is an expert and makes one doubt the legitimacy of his competitors.

3. Having put himself in the position of an expert, the Dressing Doctor makes others look like slow, expensive, and incompetent workers. Plumbing service is too big a niche, and such advertising is a brilliant offensive and defensive step.

4. The name “Toilet Doctor” is a strong strategy because it clearly identifies a niche (specialization).

5. These advertisements do not look original, do they?