David Fowler

Step 2.2 Direct your idea to specific consumers

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Determine which people need your ideas most:

Find out exactly who they are, where and how they live, what they do. Agree with the newspaper to obtain the socio-demographic characteristics of readers. The main thing is to “take possession” of a certain client. At first glance, it might seem that in this way you narrow down the base of potential customers unnecessarily. But in reality, you get a good chance of succeeding. Without trying to be sold to everyone, you focus on a specific category of people and make your customers feel individual and special. And it is very important that each of your clients feel that you have opened your company only for his (or her) service. Trying to appeal to everyone destroys this feeling.

The dentist, whose example I gave above, focuses on educated upper-class clients who already know how important healthy teeth are for life, but are afraid of regular checks, brushing and necessary dental work.