David Fowler

Step 2.4 Wake up the buyer

Buy a book

Your business idea should break into the client’s head and break his existing opinion about you and your competitors. A good strategy fulfills two goals:

A. She makes your business completely exceptional in customer representation.

B. It destabilizes the position of your competitors. Comparison of your offers proves to customers that they are less preferable and not as purposeful as you.

Our dentist in a gentle manner explains to his patients how he relieves pain. Other dentists, on the other hand, turn out to be unenlightened, cruel and backward. His strategy makes people go to the dentist without fear, while his competitors lose customers. Customers initially for various reasons are wary of dealing with you. A key part of a marketing strategy is to determine how this initial fear can be overcome. Or offer ways to carry out transactions without risk, for example, a free trial or a money back guarantee. Or draw up your offer so attractively that the client wants to deal with you, no matter what.

Good strategies also express the “personality” that makes your customer relationship personal. Your personality should be attractive to your main customers and match their feelings and personal benefits. When do you answer the questions

  • What makes you different from others?
  • What is your main product or service?
  • Who is your main client and what does he need, what does he expect? -

You can create an advertising strategy that will have a very specific end user. Remember, people buy with feeling and justify their decision with logic. Try to ensure that your strategy takes into account both.