David Fowler

Step 2. Strengthen the position of your niche in each advertisement

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If you read business magazines and books, you know that finding your place is an important task. This chapter will help you break through theory and find your place in practice. Moreover, it shows how to make your business unlike the business of competitors and how to use advertising to gain space in the sun.

Only “specialized” advertisements work in the modern specialized economy. Success requires determining your place (niche) before investing in advertising your business.

Formulate what makes you interesting in the eyes of your consumers. Think of all the similar small businesses and firms that are fighting for their place in the current economy, and you will realize that you simply have to be exceptional if you want to succeed. A successful enterprise is not just better than any other in the city - it is different from every other enterprise in the whole world! In this global marketplace, your business competes with every website on the Internet, with every product advertised on television, with every new product sold anywhere in the world. You have to create and advertise a new brand on the market under the constant onslaught of new competition.

If you are going to distinguish yourself from your competitors, your business should be different and recognized by potential consumers. If your business is similar to the business of your competitors, consumers will consider it as one of many.

Information that you work differently and are unique is the right way to achieve recognition and memorization. Successful differentiation is not easy to accomplish, but it will completely crowd out your competitors.

The following is a vivid example of a successful “differentiation strategy”. Once I noticed that water was running in our toilet. Quickly browsing through the Yellow Pages for a plumber, I saw several advertisements. One advertisement caught my eye - “Toilet Specialist.” I have a broken toilet, but here is a specialist. Convinced.

One glance at the “Toilet Specialist” ad is enough for you to understand why a highly specialized niche is the ultimate marketing tool. You are different and exceptional, therefore your goods and services are of greater importance to consumers. Such an installation allows you to target major customers to your product or service.

The following is an exercise to help you find your niche.