David Fowler


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People flipping through newspapers rarely see effective advertising.

Most newspaper ads designed to get attention fail. They do not bring the desired result, because readers do not notice them. The success of good advertising lies in good positioning and its internal integrity. And only a little bit in the ability to create beautiful, attractive pictures.

I learned this painful lesson by creating my own advertising agency. I have created some attractive newspaper ads for my client. Beautifully designed ads failed, incurring significant losses to my client. And I have a major failure. The pain and humiliation due to the termination of the contract, the collapse of my client made me think about how to connect the components of newspaper advertising in order for it to work effectively. These were years of close interaction with retail and service customers. The years that revealed working and non-working ideas.

Print advertising is part of a single business ecosystem. You must create advertising using a variety of media, look for ways to achieve maximum publicity, constantly improve service and invent new commercial methods so that clients create their own business with you. Marketing and relationships are key issues: you must differentiate your business from all others and effectively manage all the elements of creating and maintaining good customer relationships. Newspaper advertising cannot answer these questions, but it can be used to create the maximum advantage over competitors. This book describes 14 steps to create effective advertising. Most of these steps are borrowed from marketing.

In practice, many newspaper advertisements are made randomly. In this book, I propose a different approach - to focus on the brand and image of your company. This is a godsend for all your marketing, advertising and public relations. So, follow the steps and create a recognizable brand of your company. This recognition will be an invaluable tool in your newspaper advertising, as well as in promoting sales, and in campaigning for the sale of goods by other methods.

When creating advertisements for newspapers, you must adhere to these conceptual rules no matter what area your business is in: retail sales, services, or manufacturing. If you use the services of an advertising agency or marketing consultant, this book will help you better articulate your goals and requirements. If the stated concept remains incomprehensible to you, seriously consider attracting advertising professionals. Creating an advertisement is not a cup of tea available to everyone. Clint Eastwood accurately noted: "A man must know his abilities."

Strive for more. Use these ideas. And if your ad is out of competition, take a leap forward!