11. The shape and color

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Later, in the section specifically devoted to the theory of color expression, I try to describe the expressive possibilities of color. However, the form as well as color, has its “sensual-moral” expressive value. The paintings of the expressive qualities of shape and color should operate synchronously, ie, the shape and color should support each other. As for the three primary colors – red, yellow and blue, and for three basic shapes – square, triangle and circle are to be found inherent expressive characteristics. Square, the main character of which is determined by two horizontal and two vertical lines intersecting the same length, symbolizes matter, and the gravity of a strict limit. In Egypt, the square served hieroglyph of the word “field”. And it is understandable why we feel a strong pull, if we want to make straight sides and angles of a square to express movement. All forms are built on the horizontals and verticals, are characterized by square shapes, including here the cross, rectangle, square, and their derivatives.

Square represents the red as the color of matter. The severity and the opacity of the red color is consistent with static and a severe form of a square. The shape of the triangle arises from three intersecting diagonals. Its sharp edges seem to fighting and aggressive. It ranked as the triangle all forms of diagonal character, such as diamonds, trapezoids, zigzags and their derivatives. Triangle – a symbol of thought and weightless character allows you to compare it to the field of color with light yellow. Circle – a geometric shape that occurs when driving at a constant distance from a certain point on any surface. In contrast to the heavy, tense feeling of movement, which is a square, a circle motion to naturally constantly and creates a feeling of relaxation and easing tension. Circle – a symbol of spirituality is constantly mobile. In ancient China, planning temples was based on a circle, while the earthly Emperor Palace was built on the basis of square shapes. Astrological symbol of the sun is a circle with a dot in the center. K range are ranked all of the circular nature of the curved shape such as an ellipse, oval, parabola waveforms, and their derivatives. Continuous motion range in color corresponds to the color blue.

In general we can say that the square – a symbol of matter fixed, triangle, emitting itself in all directions, is a sign of thought, and the circle – the eternal movement of the spirit.

If the colors of the second order to try to find a corresponding form, to orange – this will be a trapezoid, for the green – spherical triangle and violet – an ellipse (Fig. 57). The subordination of a certain color corresponding to it assumes the form of a certain parallelism. Where color and shape aligned in their expressiveness, their impact on the viewer doubles. The painting, whose impact is mainly determined by the color, the shape must obey in its color composition.


A picture in which the artist gives the principal value of the form, its color scheme should go on the form.

Cubists paid special attention to form, and therefore refers to the color of the reduced, reducing the number of his paintings in their use of color. Expressionists and futurists alike showed interest in form and color. Impressionists and tashists preferred form color. What was said about the subjective attitude towards the color applies to the form. Every person in accordance with its constitution inherent preference for certain forms. It is no coincidence graphologists thoroughly investigate the relationship between subjective forms of handwriting and personality to write. However, the script can manifest itself only some subjective factors.

In ancient China, admired fonts had subjectively original character. But most of all appreciated the fonts in which the originality and harmony were balanced. Works Ink particularly revered. Liang K’ai and other great masters in the art of a font went even further. Interest in the “originality and individuality of style” gave way to the search for the absolute and address each topic on the basis of generally valid means of expression. Typeface from Liang K’ai so different that greater efforts are needed to determine its authorship. The subjective nature of forms was overcome them in the name of their supreme objective truthfulness. The art of painting has a lot of opportunities objectively determined. They open in the construction of space, and in the distribution of accents, and the free choice of shapes and surfaces with their color and texture.

The European painting to color and objectivity in the form sought by Matthias Grunewald. While Conrad Witz and El Greco were extremely objective, primarily in the coloring, but ultimately subjective in the transfer forms. Georges de la Tour subjective worked with color and form, as well as the Van Gogh preferred to formal and color subjectivity.