14.1 Yellow

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Yellow color – the light from all colors. He loses this quality, as soon as his obscure gray, black or purple. Yellow is like a compacted material and a white color. The deeper it became yellow light penetrates the opaque material, the more it resembles the yellow-orange, orange and red-orange. The red color is its boundary, which can not go yellow. In the middle of the way from yellow to red is orange, the strongest and most concentrated penetration of light into matter. The golden color is the maximum sublimation of matter emitting subtly emit opaque and easy as pure vibration. In former times, gold is often used in painting. It meant a luminous light-emitting matter. Golden arches mosaic Byzantine cathedrals, as well as the background of paintings by old masters acted as a symbolic space unearthly world, the wonderful kingdom of sun and light. Golden nimbus of the saints is a sign of their special insight. Status holiness realized as illumination light, plunging into which they almost lost their breathing. The symbol of the light of heaven could only be gold.

To say in common parlance, to “see the light”, is to understand the hidden truth before. Talking about some person, that he had “light head”, we indirectly call it smart. Yellow like the lightest of the colors symbolizes the mind, cognition. Upon recommendation of the Grunewald Christ ascends to heaven, wrapped in a yellow glow, an expression of the universal wisdom. Konrad Witz wrote “Synagogue” in yellow act, to give it an expression of intelligence and inclination to meditation. As soon as a notion of truth, because once there, and yellow.

Blurred the truth – the truth is sick, not true at all. So dull yellow color will express jealousy, treachery, duplicity, doubt, disbelief and madness. In Giotto’s painting “The Judas Kiss”

The Judas Kiss

and “The Last Supper” by Holbein

The Last Supper

Judas is depicted in the dim yellow dress. Gray-yellow blankets thrown over the shoulder of the female figure in the painting by El Greco, “Ripping clothes with Christ,” is a strange experience.

Ripping clothes with Christ

But the same yellow color in contrast with the dark tones has something radiantly happy. Figures 60 … 63 show how the same yellow, depending placed near it changes its color expression. Yellow on a pink background takes on a greenish tint and radiance vanishes. Where reigns pure love (pink), where reason and knowledge (yellow) falls tugovato.


When the yellow color applied to orange, it gives the impression of a purified light orange tone. Both colors are reminiscent of a number of bright glow of the morning sun over the field of ripening wheat. If the yellow color is given on a green background, it shines, eclipsing the green. Since the green color is a mixture of yellow and blue, the yellow looks here like visiting relatives.

Yellow on purple background becomes extremely large force, harsh and ruthless. But when mixed with yellow violet, it immediately loses its character and becomes painful, brownish and indifferent.

Yellow on medium-bleached blue shining, but as a stranger and lost. Gently sensual light blue barely moves next to a bright yellow top of the knowing. Yellow on red creates a powerful, loud chord evokes the sounds of the organ on Easter morning. His splendor radiates a wealth of knowledge and being. Yellow color on a white background (Fig. 58) gives the impression of a dark color, which lost its radiance. White pushes it and put in the position subordinate color. If we replace the white background color yellow, yellow and white, the two colors will change their expression.

Yellow color on a black background manifests itself in the glare of the bright and aggressive. He was harsh and sharp, uncompromising (Fig. 58).

The different behavior of the yellow clearly demonstrates the difficulties that arise when trying to define common words expressive uniqueness of a particular color without direct observation of its specific manifestations in different situations.