14.2 Red

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Red color on the color wheel does not have any yellow or bluish tint. His powerful, compelling hard to overshadow the brightness, but it is extremely volatile and easily accepts a wide variety of characters. It becomes very receptive when takes a yellowish or bluish tone. Like yellow, and blue-red tone is large possibilities of its modulation.

The red-orange color is dense and opaque, but so bright, as if filled with an inner glow. The heat rises in the red-orange to red flame strength.

Red-orange light has beneficial effects on plant growth and enhances the activity of the organic functions. With the right mix of contrasting colors red-orange color becomes an expression of feverish, warlike passions. Associate with the planet Mars, the red color is associated with the concept of wars and demonic worlds. It is no coincidence clothes soldiers had red-orange as a sign of their bloody trade.

Banner of the revolution were also painted in red-orange color. This color glowing heat passionate physical love. Pure red means spiritual love. For Sharonton in his painting “The Coronation of Mary” was written by God the Father and the Son in red robes.

The Coronation of Mary

Madonna of Isenheim Altarpiece and “Shtuppahsk Madonna” by Grunewald depicted in red robes.

Madonna of Isenheim Altarpiece and “Shtuppahskaya Madonna” by Grunewald

The purple-red – the color of the Cardinals – combined secular and spiritual power.

Changing contrasting colors, I try to show, how can due to these changes vary expressive red-orange color. Over orange background red-orange glow appears, dark and lifeless, like a withered. If we deepen the color orange to dark brown, the red light flashes in it with dry heat; but only in contrast with the black color red-orange will deploy its highest, the invincible, demonic passion. On the green, he will act as a daring, irritated aggressor banal and noisy. On a blue-green background seem erupted with fire and the cold red – fading heat, force cool red to a strong, active resistance. Various manifestations of red-orange color in our experiments give only a faint idea of ​​its expressive possibilities. In contrast to the yellow color red has a lot of modulations, because it can vary contrasts of warm and cold, dullness and brightness of light and darkness, without destroying its red color base. Red, by demonically dark orange-red on a black background, to the angelically gentle pink, can express all the intermediate gradations of feeling and an underground kingdom of heaven. For it is closed only way to aesthetic-spiritual world, and the clear air because there prevails blue.