14.3 Blue

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Clean blue color is called, in which no yellowish or reddish tinge. If the red is always active, the blue is always passive, if you treat it from the point of view of physical space. From the perspective of spiritual immateriality blue, on the contrary, produces the impression of active and red – passive. The thing here is the “direction of view.”

Blue is always cold, red is always warm. The blue color like a compressed and concentrated in himself, he is an introvert. And if subordinated red blood, blue nerves subordinate. People who are in their subjective color preferences tend towards blue tones, most distinguished pale complexion and poor circulation. But their nervous system endurance. Blue has the power, like the forces of nature in winter, when everything is hidden in darkness and silence, saves energy for nucleation and growth. Blue always gives the impression of the shade, and the height of its splendor tends to dark. Blue – is an elusive nothing, that nevertheless is always present as a transparent atmosphere. In the Earth’s atmosphere blue poured starting from light to deep azure blue black night sky. Blue attracts us trepidation belief in the infinite spirituality. For us, the blue color – a symbol of faith as it is for the Chinese – a symbol of immortality.

When the blue obscured, its dull color evokes in us a feeling of superstition, fear, a sense of helplessness and sadness, but at the same time, this color is always pointing the way to the supersensible-spiritual, transcendent.


Figures 68 … 71 show changes of impressions, which produces blue color, depending on the environment.

If the blue color is given in yellow, it seems very dark and lost their brightness. They dominated a clear intelligence, there is faith seems dull and dark. When the blue color bleached lightness to yellow, it emits cold light. Its transparency transforms the material into a dense yellow tone. Blue lights on a black background in its full purity and power. Where ignorance reigns black, blue pure faith shines like a distant light. If we put the blue on a purple background, it seems alienated, empty and powerless. Purple takes his importance more material force “exercised faith.” When violet becomes darker, the blue back its luster. On a dark brown (dull orange) Blue is excited to severe vibration, and next to brown as Simultaneous to it, it takes manpower, and is considered “dead” Brown begins to celebrate his resurrection. On the red-orange background dark blue retains its strength, which finds an outlet in the bright radiation. Here blue approves and justifies himself in his strange unreality. Blue-green background relaxing becomes a strong reddish tinge. And only because of this tendency is saved from paralyzing saturation green while maintaining their living impact. Blue, inclined by nature to express solitude, quiet humility and deep faith, often used in his paintings depicting the Annunciation.