14.4 Green

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Green is an intermediate color between yellow and blue. Depending on whether it is more yellow or blue, and changes the character of its expression. Green is a complementary color, which is obtained by mixing two basic – the yellow and blue, but this operation is difficult to perform with the accuracy at which none of them would not prevail. Green – the color of the plant world, which is formed through photosynthesis chlorophyll mysterious. When light falls on the ground, water and air release its elements, then the forces concentrated in green tend to come out. Fertility and contentment, peace and hope determine the merits of expressive green, which combines the knowledge and belief. If a radiant green obscured by gray color, the viewer is easy to get the feeling lazy lethargy. If Green takes yellow shades, approaching the yellow-green color, it creates the impression of young spring forces of nature. Spring morning or early summer morning with no yellow-green color, without hope and joyful expectation summer fruits unthinkable. Yellow-green can be activated to its limit by the addition of orange, though in this case it is easily becomes coarse, vulgar character. If Green takes a blue tint, it leads to an increase in its spiritual significance. Manganese Blue has the most rich blue-green tone. This tone is ice cold pole, just as the red-orange color is the world pole heat. Cyan, in contrast to the green and blue gives the impression of a strong cold aggression. Amplitude modulation green is quite large and using contrasting comparisons can achieve its various expressive manifestations.