5. Color design

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Color design is based on the laws of color development in their form in which they are observed in our empirical experiments. Once Rainer Maria Rilke said Rodin: “Dear master, how is your creative process when you are ready to create a new work?” Rodin said, “At first, I felt a strong feeling of desire that is increasingly stronger in me and pushed a plastic incarnation plan. Then I start to plan and construct. Finally, when it comes to performance, once again I give myself the feeling that can make me change my original plan. ” Cezanne said about himself: “I will proceed to a logical development of what I see in nature.” Matisse, who, apparently, was guided mainly own feelings before you start to paint in oils, doing little sketches and ink paintings intended to inscribe the names of colors, marking their location. In other words, he, like Rodin and many other masters, is logically thought out and counted the color composition, which is in the process of either exercised or cast, depending on your intuitive feelings.

All advance constructively calculated is not decisive in the art. Intuitive feeling above it, for leads into the realm of the irrational and metaphysical disobeying no number. Intellectual and constructive thinking about design – it is only the “carriage”, which brings us to the doors of the new reality.

Anyone who would like to take this “wagon” shall with the brush in his hand to perform subsequent exercises offered by me. The illustrations in the book are introduced only to the elementary basics of color design and an aspiring colorist must perform a much larger number of exercises, if you want to learn something more than a theory. As a rule, I give only one example for each color. Tables for other colors, each student must make himself.