7. Seven types of color contrasts

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We talk about contrasts, when comparing the two colors in between clearly marked differences. When these differences are at their limit, we’re talking about a diametrical contrast or polarity. Thus, opposing big-small, black-white, cool-warm in extreme cases are polar contrasts. Our senses are functioning only by comparison. Eye perceives as a long line only if the comparison in front of it has a short, but the same line is perceived short when compared to longer. Similarly impressions of colors can be strengthened or weakened by other contrasting colors.

Studying the specific modalities of color, we can ascertain the presence of seven species of contrasting manifestations. They are so different in its principles, that each of them should be studied separately. Each of these contrasts on its special character and artistic value, visually expressive and constructive action so peculiar and unique in its kind, thanks to them we can discover all the main artistic possibilities in color.

Goethe, Bezold, Chevreul and Hёltsel pointed out the meaning of the different color contrasts. Chevreul has devoted a lot of work “simultaneous contrasts”. However, visual and equipped with appropriate exercises practical introduction to the study of a kind of manifestation of color contrasts to date does not exist. Taken in this book, a study of contrasts of color is an essential part of my work on the color. Let’s start by listing the seven types of color contrasts:

  1. Contrast of color comparisons
  2. The contrast of light and dark
  3. The contrast of cold and warm
  4. The contrast of complementary colors
  5. Simultaneous Contrast
  6. Color saturation contrast
  7. Color spread contrast.